Submitted for your consideration is my application to become a Member of the KREWE OF POSEIDON. If confirmed, I agree to abide by the Rules and Bylaws of the Krewe, the Slidell City Ordinance, and all regulations set forth by the Captain and Board of Directors.  Membership Dues are $425.00. The “Early Bird Special” is $325.00 and must be paid in full by May 1st, 2023.  Annual Dues include attendance at meetings and a position on a float during the parade. I understand there is an additional $25.00 costume fee.  You must be 21 or older to be a member. Student Riders are permitted between the ages of 16 and 18 (or a senior in high school). Student Riders are required to be at least 16 years of age on parade day. Student Riders MUST ride on the same float and next to the sponsoring member. The fee for a Student Rider (Not a voting member) is $225.00. (Limited to two per sponsoring member).

 I, the undersigned, agree and do hereby release the KREWE OF POSEIDON and/or their representatives from any liability for any injury or harm to myself which may occur because of my participation in their Mardi Gras Parade or related activities. I have been informed of safety precautions and have been advised there can be no guarantee my participation in the parade is entirely risk free. I therefore agree to assume the risk of any injury which may occur to me.  The Krewe of Poseidon (KOP) reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event sponsored by KOP without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. KOP may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used, or contracted by KOP, including but not limited to brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc.

 I understand there are NO REFUNDS, REIMBURSEMENT, or FORWARDING OF DUES related to the KREWE OF POSEIDON. This includes unforeseen occurrences such as a major weather event or pandemic.

 Credit Card payments include at 4% convenience fee. eCheck payments include a 1% convenience fee. Returned checks incur a returned item fee.

The following is the Krewe policy with respect to conduct of, and safety for float riders and for members at Krewe functions. The reading, understanding and acknowledgment of this Policy is a requisite to participate in the parade or other Krewe functions. Failure to acknowledge receipt of this policy will result in a member being prohibited from riding in the parade, without exception. A member/rider must always conduct themselves as a lady or gentleman in accordance with Krewe rules, regulations, policies, and traditions, including but not limited to the Krewe Conduct and Safety Policy. Accordingly:

1. A rider must wear the entire purchased Krewe costume during the parade, including the Krewe mask and smock and the Lieutenant issued head piece/hat. A Rider MUST wear the
 mandatory Krewe costume including the mask at all times while the parade is underway. A rider may make minor but not excessive alterations to the mask for personal comfort, especially
the portion of the mask around the eyes. The parade is over when it reaches the official disbanding area, then the rider may remove the mask, smock and headpiece/hat at that time
2.Only riders or other Krewe authorized personnel are allowed on the float at any time in the staging area of the parade, during the parade, and in the disbanding area of the parade. Any other persons may be ejected summarily from the float.
3.Advertising or other signage on the float is strictly prohibited.
4. The following activities are strictly prohibited:

       a)  Taunting parade viewers either by word or gesture;
       b)    Hurling of objects at parade viewers (The rider should throw things to parade viewers, not at them);
        c)   Possession and/or throwing at any Krewe event and/or from or on the float of any commercial items or items from another entity or sexually explicit or oriented, indecent, lewd and/or  obscene devices or items. Such items are
          subject to confiscation 
by the Krewe and will not be returned. (A rider may only throw authorized Krewe items and/or generic throws except as prohibited herein. Throwing beverages from the float is also prohibited);
     d) Engaging, appearing, or participating in sexually explicit or oriented, indecent, lewd and/or obscene conduct, gestures, costuming, or other such activity; Rowdy or unruly conduct;      
       e)     Possession, utilization and/or throwing at any Krewe event and/or from or on the float of projectiles including silly string, confetti cannons, spears, swords and any other sharp pointed objects, or any other object or        item that may cause harm or injury to riders and/or parade viewers is prohibited. Such items are subject to confiscation by the Krewe and will not  be returned;
       f) Utilization of clothing, attire, throws or other items or products that bear the Krewe name, logo or images related to the Krewe, Krewe floats, events, or functions, EXCEPT as authorized by the Krewe.

5. Smoking and vaping on floats is strictly prohibited at all times.
6. Public drinking visible to the spectators on the float is strictly prohibited. Riders should not consume alcoholic beverages in excess. Riding while intoxicated is prohibited. If a rider is observed to be intoxicated, he will be removed from his float.

7. The display or public consumption of food and/or non-alcoholic beverages on the float is strictly prohibited during the parade.  Food may be consumed on the float, but out of the clear view of the public.
8.  Sound systems on the floats must be operated with family friendly music, obscene and vulgar lyrics are strictly prohibited.
 9. A rider cannot change position on the float without the concurrence of the float lieutenant, and cannot ride in any place on the float not designated for riders (i.e., railings, top of float, props, etc.). A rider must stay in his position until the parade is over.
 10.  The addition of nails, screws, hooks and/or bead racks is strictly prohibited. Throws should be stacked and positioned so that each rider has adequate space to stand throughout the parade.  Each rider is allocated a certain amount of space. Infringement on other rider spaces or blocking entrances to ladders or comfort facilities is prohibited.
 11.  A rider cannot discard cardboard boxes and other trash along the parade route. Riders should be especially mindful to not discard any debris from the float after turning off Gause Blvd onto Kensington Blvd. Such items should be left on the float and will later be removed when the floats are cleaned.
 12.  Riders may throw items only along the parade route. Throwing in the formation before the parade starts or in the disbanding area after the parade is over is prohibited.
 13.  Floats with multiple units are equipped with side gates for entry and exit purposes (except for the last unit of such a float and except where the structural integrity of the float may be impaired). Riders must be extremely careful when entering, and particularly when exiting, the float. Boarding is in the formation area only. Riders are not authorized to enter or exit the float without the approval of the Float Lieutenant.    No rider is to exit the float until: (a) the truck has come to a full and complete stop; (b) the truck driver has turned off his truck and has indicated to the Float Lieutenant that it is safe to disembark. At that time, all riders must leave the float expeditiously and carefully.

1. The policies regarding leaves of absence and substitute riders are as follows:

a) A member must be an active member in good standing (dues paid in accordance with the scheduled due dates) in order to propose a substitute rider for their membership;
b) A member must propose a substitute rider for their membership in order to be moved to Inactive Status - Leave of Absence and to be guaranteed his/her position on the float roster the following year;
c) Members who do not pay their dues in accordance with the dues payment schedule and do not propose a substitute rider for their membership will be moved to Inactive Status - Non-payment of Dues and will be required to reapply for membership before being returned to active status;
a) Members granted Leave of Absence status will not automatically be moved back to active status the following year. It is the responsibility of the member on leave of absence status to request return to active status for the following parade year. Members who remain in inactive status for two successive years will be deleted from the membership system.
b) Normally, the Membership Committee must approve all substitute rider applications before the application is processed and the substitute is added to the float roster. However, each year approximately four weeks prior to the parade date, the Krewe will direct the membership to submit all substitute rider applications to his/ her Float Lieutenant. The Float Lieutenant will verify receipt of the application and enter the identity and contact information of the substitute rider into the membership system allowing thus allowing the substitute rider’s name to be listed on the float roster. Processing of the substitute rider applications will be completed prior to the date of the parade.
c) The member authorizing a substitute rider is responsible for any disciplinary infractions committed by their substitute. they must ensure that his/her substitute rider is registered with the Krewe, acknowledges that he/she will abide by the Krewe Conduct and Safety Policy. A member who allows a substitute to ride in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action for conduct unbecoming a member of the Krewe, in addition to being responsible for any disciplinary infractions committed by his/her substitute, and the member also agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold the Krewe harmless from any and all damages caused or incurred by the said unauthorized substitute rider.  Exceptions to the above policy regarding substitute riders and leaves of absence will be considered only in cases of (i) death in family; (ii) serious illness or injury of member or in his family; (iii) call-up for military service and (iv) such other extraordinary circumstances as approved by the Executive Board. 

15.A rider must be in good health to ride. In the event of any question regarding a rider’s health, it will be necessary for him/her to produce a doctor’s communication certifying that he/she is sufficiently healthy to ride.

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge receipt of the Krewe Conduct and Safety Policy. I have read and understand the same and hereby agree to comply with this Policy. I understand that violation of this Policy or of any other Krewe rule, regulation, policy or tradition or any other conduct unbecoming a member of the Krewe of Poseidon may result in my ejection from the parade or other Krewe functions and further disciplinary action that may result in my censure, suspension, or expulsion from the Krewe. In the event I fail to comply with this Policy, I hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Krewe of Poseidon, its members, directors, and officers from any liability in connection therewith.


For assistance or questions, contact the Krewe Of Poseidon at

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